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For Director and Staff Coach contact information, please click here.

To provide you with the best service, please follow the Club Communication flow outlined below.
* Player Specific Questions?  Please contact your Staff Coach
* Non-Player Specific Questions?  Please contact your Team Manager
* Financial Questions?  Please contact [email protected]
* Resolution path? Staff Coach»Campus Director»Program Director»Technical Director»General Manager

  Accounting  Questions regarding fees and payment issues
  Ref Coordinator  Questions regarding referee coordination and opportunities
  Manager Contact    For Managers: Questions regarding Manager duties and responsibilities 
  Webmaster  For Managers: Send team highlights, web postings and announcements 
  Operations  For Managers: Questions regarding players on association rosters 
  Sponsorship  Questions regarding current Sponsorship and Sponsorship opportunities

MAILING                                       OFFICE                                   HOURS 10 -2 Mon-Wed (Aug-mid June*)
PO Box 550122                             3911 Campbell Rd                   Phone (713) 939-7473
Houston, TX 77255-0122              Houston, TX  77080                 Fax (713) 939-7491
*The office closes during the holiday break in mid December and reopens mid January