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The Silas Yi Goalkeeper scholarship was created by the Yi Family and AHFC to honor Silas’ passion for soccer, and more specifically his love for goalkeeping.  In loving memory of Silas’ ambitions and spirit, the Yi Family wish to pay it forward by providing financial assistance to one boy and one girl goalkeeper within AHFC.

The goal is to provide financial assistance to families in need, but all our goalkeepers can apply. We understand there are other circumstances and factors impacting our families and will consider these instances in the selection process.

The Yi Family will review applications and select one (1) boy and one (1) girl to receive Silas’ Scholarship. The scholarship will be applied to the recipient's AHFC 2024/25 club fees.

The application requires personal information along with a short essay to provide additional insight as to how this scholarship will help your family. All goalkeepers requesting financial assistance are encouraged to apply via AHFC’s Financial Assistance program as only one boy and one girl will be selected to receive The Silas Yi Goalkeeper Scholarship. All applicants and our recipients will be notified of their status at the end of June.

Application: Silas Yi AHFC Goalkeeper Scholarship - 2024-2025 Season
Deadline: Friday, May 31, 2024
Donations: [email protected]

            23/24 Silas Yi Recipient - Lola Herzik

Lola Herzik, or "Lo," to her family and friends began playing soccer in February of this year. Lola made the decision to play goalkeeper during her first practice and has taken well to the position. Lola is very committed to the goalkeeping position and sport of soccer. She might not be the biggest girl, but her shy, timid personality seems to wash away when she straps on her gloves. Lola is a natural protector who will do anything to support her team and prevent the ball from getting past her. Lola's number one love is soccer, but she also enjoys arcades, reading, and playing with her dog, Weechie. Lola is a dedicated and loyal young girl with many fans, but most of all her older sister, Fin. People gravitate towards Lola when she opens up and lets her personality shine, and her family are proud to be part of Albion Hurricanes FC.

                            23/24 Silas Yi Recipient - Juvenal Mendoza

Juvenal Mendoza, also known as "Jay Jay" to his family and friends, is 12 years old and in the 7th grade. Juvenal is a very empathetic and understanding young man who always finds ways to help others. Juvenal has been playing soccer since the age of 4, and decided to become a goalkeeper after an injury that put him out for three seasons. Juvenal's dedication and drive to better himself can be seen on the field as he works to achieve his dreams in becoming a professional goalkeeper. In addition to his soccer skills, Juvenal is smart, does well in school, is learning how to play the guitar, loves to draw, and plays video games in his spare time.