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U8-U10 Academy Program


The AHFC Developmental program will create an atmosphere and environment in training where players can become more comfortable on the ball, learn new techniques and skills and express themselves. An environment where players are encouraged to be creative problem solvers who challenge themselves without fear of derision or ridicule.

5-7 years – Love the game
8-9 years – Enjoy the game
10-11 years - Learn the game


The interaction between the coach and player during practice and games is fundamental to the coaching process. Coaches will use a mix of guidance, teaching, questioning and demonstrating to help players develop the understanding of the game.

The education of players can be broken down into 4 aspects of the game:

Technical – The ability to want the ball, receive the ball and deal with the ball effectively

Tactical – The ability to not follow the ball, support the play and communicate for the ball, starting to understand positioning and defensive and attacking principals related to them.

Mental / Decision Making – The ability to make decisions of when to keep or share the ball at the right time and how to problem solve for themselves.

Psychosocial:  Respect, Self confidence, Commitment, Emotional control and Concentration


The Curriculum for The AHFC Academy players consists of a block training schedule in which one technical and tactical aspect of the game is taught every 4 weeks.

Aspects Include:

·        Individual skill development – Me and my ball, control and dribbling

·        Ball sharing – Me and others, when to pass and dribble

·        Receiving and Turning – Dealing with the ball and changing direction

·        Shooting – when and how to score goals

·        1v1 Defending and Attacking – how, where, when and why

Players are judged and challenged on their ability in these areas with problem solving “chaos” games in practices.  There are also developmentally appropriate games on the weekends where the coaches employ guided discovery style techniques to encourage self thought, decision making and self expression.


Practices take place twice a week with a professional coach, each session being 90 minutes in length.


The AHFC Academy program is designed as the next level for a player who is ready to progress from recreational soccer to a more progressive training and playing program.  The AHFC Academy is  a center of training excellence where players are trained twice weekly by professional licensed full time staff members. Players are grouped by ability level and their progress monitored through bi-annual technical evaluations. Games are played against other club teams and their progress is monitored by professional coaches. This program is a great introduction to competitive soccer and one which developmentally will give them the tools they need to take to U11 competitive soccer.


Our U8s to U10s have the chance to play in 2 different leagues depending on the age and level of play. 

Website:  Small Sided Development League

Evaluations for The AHFC Academy program take place in May and December for the Fall and Spring seasons. For more information on joining the program mid season please contact the appropriate director listed above.


Q: When do practices take place?
A: There are two (2) practices a week that take place on Mondays and Wednesdays or Tuesdays and Thursdays 5-6:30 pm at our Central (Spring Branch/Memorial), Cy-Fair (Shiel Park), East (Beaumont), Southwest (New Territory), and West (Katy Park) campuses. 

Q: When do games take place on the weekend?
A: Games are on Sunday afternoons between 11 am and 5 pm. The locations for games are at Campbell Road Sports Park (CRSP) for the Houston campuses and Cris Quinn for the Beaumont campus.

Q: Who do I contact for more information?
A: Call (713) 939-7473 or email the appropriate director for the desired campus. The director's information can be found on the Contact Us page.