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The AHFC College Placement Program is a combination of programs, leadership and opportunities to support the ongoing goals of the talented and committed player. AHFC is committed to help our players pursue their goals and dreams by getting a quality education and continuing their playing careers at the college and professional level. 

Online Player Profiles 

The AHFC Player Profiles are available through CaptainU. The player profile and roster is integrated into the toolkit provided to all teams within AHFC. The Manager or Parent has the capability to enter and maintain their player's information. The system is password protected for security purposes. The player information entered is available to all college coaches nationwide and enables these coaches to easily search for candidate players. 

College Showcases 

College Showcase events are key to the exposure of players to candidate coaches and support staff from Colleges and Universities across the country. AHFC hosts events annually, the Texas Boys and Girls College Showcase and the Memorial Day Cup. In addition, AHFC offers a College ID Camp with the Texas Showcase events. In conjunction with the AHFC event,  the high-school aged teams also participate in a combination of other Showcase events across the country. These Showcases are well attended by college coaches. AHFC hosts College Night  which features guest speakers that have included members of the US National Team staffs, Division I and II Coaches as well as professionals present information and offer Q&A sessions available to all AHFC players, parents and families.