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    Albion Hurricanes FC

    Small-sided Developmental League (SSDL)

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    The mission of the SSDL is to create an atmosphere and environment in a weekend league game format where players can become more comfortable on the ball, learn new techniques and skills and express themselves. This environment encourages players to be creative problem solvers who challenge themselves while playing in a league. The benefits to the clubs and teams of the SSDL league include multiple age and ability bracketing, qualified officials, centralized play site, high-quality fields and facility. 

    Format: 5v5
    Field size: 25 yds wide x 40 yds Long
    Penalty Spot: 8 yds away from goal line
    Ball size: 4
    Duration: Two 20 Minutes Halves - 5 Min halftime
    Jerseys: Home team wears dark kit, Away team wears white; if there is a conflict, team with the conflict adjusts

    Game Day: Sundays
    Game Time: Games start at 12pm and ending at 6pm
    Location: All games will be at Campbell Road Sports Park (CRSP) - 3601 Campbell Road
    Referees: Each game will have a qualified referee provided by the league
    Seasons: Fall season is September through November and Spring season is February through May
    Cost: $250 per season
    Information: Email Steve Firth at [email protected] or call at 713.574.0070
    Register: Click the registration button at the top of the page

    Not permitted: No heading, no punting and no offsides
    Coaches: All teams must have a licensed coach at the game
    Inbounding: Player can pass the ball inbounds keeping it below the referees waist height or player can make the decision to dribble the ball inbounds, once they have        touched the ball the game is live. Defenders must try to retreat 5 yards away from the ball once the ball has been stopped whenever possible


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