AHFC Futsal

"Check left shoulder, watch the runners, stay tight, mark space, monitor ball and man, track back, jump, challenge, find  the gaps, man on, accelerate, feint left, glide right, play him in, parallel, get it back, first time...one touch, far post, side net..." Futsal is fast & technical, are you an intelligent player? Use futsal to hone your skills, turn outdoor to slow motion by dominating on the futsal court! AHFC's Futsal training provides 10 weeks of intense action, show up, the rest is up to you?!

***Futsal 2016/2017***

Fall & Spring Futsal key dates click here

FORMAT: 5v5 matches with individual player rankings: 3 for a win, 2 for a tie, 1 for a loss.

Remember flats only, please do not bring outdoor balls. Futsal balls will be provided.
Contact your Head Coach for any additional questions.

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