Injury Protocol, Nutrition & Conditioning

Injury Protocol
Memorial Hermann Memorial City Medical Center is committed to providing AHFC athletes  quick access to the appropriate level of care for athletic injuries.

Reserved specifically for AHFC athletes, we have established a block time for free initial assessment of minor athletic injuries.  Starting in August, we will provide coverage at the locations listed below:

Mondays            6-8 p.m.    Campbell Rd. Complex- 3911 Campbell Road, Houston, Tx. 77080
Wednesdays      6-8 p.m.  MH IRONMAN Sports Medicine Institute- Memorial City 
                                               Located at 929B Gessner Suite 100, Houston, Tx. 77024
                                               Between Frostwood and Gessner Rd.

Rain or shine, injury clinic will be offered every week for all AHFC players. 

If an injury occurs anytime during the week, evenings, or weekends, please call (281)743-2555 so that we can coordinate care as needed.   If the injury is an emergency, please go directly to the Memorial Hermann Memorial City Emergency Center or Children’s Memorial Hermann Emergency Center; located at 915 Gessner Rd (across from Memorial City mall), and present your AHFC partner card. 

For Orthopedic Injuries that you feel require the attention of a physician, please contact David Wilkinson, Outreach Athletic Trainer, at (281)743-2555.  Be sure that you tell them that you are an AHFC Athlete so that they can expedite your appointment with the physician’s office. 

We are pleased to partner with the AHFC by providing outstanding patient care with an exceptional patient care experience.  

Nutrition & Condiitioning
The primary goal of a nutrition and conditioning program is to enhance overall fitness levels & well being. The information provided includes general nutritional guides as well as conditioning and performance drills which may be used by all ages and skill levels of soccer players. Learn how you may increase the difficulty or enhance the program for older or more advanced athletes.

Nutrition Tips - Protein
Nutrition Tips - Snacks
Nutrition Tips - Hydration
Nutrition Tips - Carbs
Soccer Off-season Strength and Conditioning Tips: Cardiovascular Conditioning
Soccer Off-season Strength and Conditioning Tips: Speed Training
Soccer Off-season Strength and Conditioning Tips: Agility

AHFC and Memorial Hermann Sports Medicine working for you.

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